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Advertiser benefits
  • Online advertising agency
  • Competitive prices, no minimum budgets. CPC, CPM, CPV.
  • Qualified and responsive account managers, 24/7 Support.
  • Target by country, channel, device, keywords, time, days.
  • Mobile Ads: One of the key feature of is mobile ads. This feature automatically detects mobile and smart phone browser, and serves mobile ads, which will help you to get premium exposure.
  • Anti-cheating technology. In order to prevent the wrong type of websites from displaying our clients banners, we manually review each site. We also monitor sites after they have started displaying ads.
  • Account manager: There are very few ad networks which offer a dedicated account manager. As soon as your account is approved, a dedicated account manager will help you with setup and getting started.
Publisher benefits
  • Online advertising company
  • Maximum and optimized returns for your website traffic.
  • Variety of Ad Types. Detailed statistics. Quality of ads are high, and various optimization techniques will help you to make huge money
  • Multiple ways to display ads, simple code integration - iframe, javascript, PHP.
  • One account & unlimited websites: If you have one account approved you can use the same account to run ads on multiple websites.
  • Relevant and high end gambling advertisers.
  • High Payouts & Great Customer Support on a 24/7 basis.
  • Monthly payment, low payout minimum $5.
  • Earn 6% of referred publisher revenue for lifetime.
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"No matter how wonderful your company's product or service is, if you don't advertise, nobody will know about it."

Advertiser: Advanced reporting based on dates, domain, format, country and campaign, possibility to export your statistics. Transparent, accurate, real-time accounting with zero discrepancies. Two types of campaigns RON and Website oriented multiple targeting options.

Publisher: User-friendly interface for administration functions. Advanced reporting based on dates, domain, format, country and campaign. Possibility of blocking any unwanted campaign at any time for any website. Top performing ads, best Prices and revenue-share for CPM, CPC, and Pop.

Advertiser: No minimum deposit require, but we advice you to start a decent campaign for relevant results. No hidden costs, up to 20% off for advertisers (terms and conditions apply)

Publisher: Minimum withdraw amount is $5.00 USD via PayPal/Skrill and $100.00 USD via wire transfer, Western Union. Payments are processed within maximum 1 business day.

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