I love gambling. I have a ‘thing’ for it. I don’t think I qualify for Gambler’s Anonymous – it’s not that I’m compulsive. It is just that I like to know what the odds are, and use my abilities to beat them. I don’t have a ‘system’. I just use common sense. I have some preferences for where and how I gamble. I don’t risk the house – I know what I can afford, and to me, it’s a pastime, just like some people surf, garden, go skiing or read books. With my pastime, I can actually benefit, financially, too. And I often do. I think the internet is a great outlet for people like me. It has removed restrictions to how and when people can gamble, and where they gamble. They can now do it from the comfort of their own home.

I know that gambling can be a problem for some people, and I’m not here to try to be a counselor. But I also know that the laws that operate in various jurisdictions make finding great websites  challenging. So, I decided to invest in my own gamble – prepare an online advertising agency, specifically serving the needs of gambling advertisers; and help advertisers reach their intended audience. The Gambling Advertising Network.

An online advertising company… That’s a specialty operation in its own right. We go one step further in developing an online advertising agency that focuses on gambling advertising. We are here! We are here to help!
Our website offers exposure for publishers and advertisers who are interested in promoting their online services. It doesn’t matter whether you’re promoting a bingo game, poker, sports betting, an online casino, a lottery, slot machines or horse racing – my site can help provide you with the exposure you’ve been looking for. I’m quite proud to say that we achieve over a BILLION impressions per month. We operate on a CPC / CPM basis. We’re global. Our aim is to deliver the best results for our partners. That includes top advertisers and handpicked publishers. 
The site is www.adsforgambling.com. It doesn’t just provide a directory service. It includes blogs and forums; it has social communities, and incorporates rich content. We will bring your website premium exposure. This includes using our database to effectively target, based on your preferred options; and using our proven formula for success in delivering the right targets to your website.

We’ve addressed some issues in ensuring that the Gambling Advertising Network reaches the appropriate audience. Reaching the audience can be a little challenging. In some countries there are restrictions for online gambling websites, while some pay-per click companies won’t accept gambling advertising. Or if they will accept gambling advertising, the sites may charge a premium for this advertising. Meanwhile, the online gambling market is increasingly competitive, with more and more online websites, and providing competition for the gambling dollar.

Meanwhile, you need to be able to reach the audience, or your website won’t thrive. I can help ensure you receive the traffic you’re seeking. We can structure a program to deliver the appropriate number and type of gamblers to your website. And not just any visitors – our online advertising agency will help deliver traffic with high potential.

While I love gambling, I also love knowing that the odds are in my favor. You can help ensure the odds are in your favor by working with me. Try our online advertising company, and you’ll find that the gambling traffic we deliver will increase your websites' unique visitors. More unique visitors means more revenue. You can reach me at contact@adsforgambling.com for more information. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.


DeJuan T.

Gambling Ads Network