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My site is UK based. Can You target just UK customers? Or will be a range of people from around the world?
We service 50+ countries with the current website network - all main countries like UK, France, Australia, USA, Russia, Canada, etc are available - to ask for specific countries, send us a quick email...
From what budget can i start advertise on your website?
The minimum budget to start a campaign is $1.
Can i target my ad?
You have the option to target ads by countries, time, days in week, dates...
Can I adjust a campaign after created?
Yes, but after need to be approved by one of our account managers.
Where will my ads appear?
Your ads will appear on the content sites within network. Our system scans our publisher's content, and place your ads on pages that contain content related to your ads.
Can I set a daily budget?
Yes you can set a daily budget, a clicks limit or impressions limit
Do i have access to statistics?
Yes of course, you have access to the statistics of your campaign in real time.
How to track my flash campaigns?
To track clicks on your ad in Flash format (SWF), we uses the standard proposed by Adobe clickTAG. To learn more about this standard, please consult the specification of our partner Adobe http://www.a...
What ad formats available on Cpanel?
We provide for advertisers many ad types as:# Any Type/size of Banners# Complete Page 800x600# Facebook style ads# Full Page Ad# Message Box# News Style Ad# Onclick popunder window# Page Peel# Slide I...
How many ads can I create?
Unlimited number of ads.
When will my ads start being displayed?
Upon signing up an account with us, you can start creating your campaigns. The campaigns are  approved by your dedicated account manager, and will start showing on our network of publishers in af...
Why my ads are not getting any impressions/cliks?
If your ads campaigns is approved, will start showing on our network of publishers in minutes from creating them. if they meet the following factors:•  Your account is having enough fund. ( ...
Why my ads are getting thousands of impressions but no clicks?
1- Rewrite your ads make them more catchy.2- Add other image/text to your ads. 2- Put your ad in a right category.
Can I put ads to my affiliate links or any other such affiliate networks?
Yes.  In our network you can put your affiliate link in the ad directly. Which allows you to earn from affiliates without the need for you to have your own website.
Can I put ads for adult website or for a website with adult contents?
NO!, all such ads are automatically disabled.
How does prevent fraud?
We cutting edge technology system, with human monitoring analyzes every click and impression to determine whether they are quality traffic or artificially generated. The system will automatically filt...

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