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Does the registration is open to everyone?
Yes, registration is open to all, individuals and professionals on our platform.
I have several websites, do I create multiple accounts?
No, you can have a single account to manage all your websites. You simply need to record each website on your account.
What ad formats available on cpanel?
# Any Type/size of Banners# Complete Page 800x600# Facebook style ads# Full Page Ad# Message Box# News Style Ad# Onclick popunder window# Page Peel# Slide In# Sticky ads bar bottom# Sticky ads bar top...
What is the refresh rate of my statistics?
In real time for a maximum of visibility.
From which countries your advertisers come from?
We have advertisers from all over the world, advertising is displayed depending on the location of your visitor.
From how much do I get paid?
Payments is done at the next month when you reach minimum $5 on your account.
Adult website are allowed?
No, we don't accept this kind of site.
My site is an advertising network, can i put yor tags on my site?
Yes, but you have to contact us before to tag your site.
How many tags are allowed per page?
The maximum number of tags per page is 3. Tags should not be placed on pages that contain only advertising.
The use of auto-surf is allowed?
It is strictly forbidden to artificially increase his website traffic, under penalty of cancellation of the account and gains.
Not, under any circumstances. Advertising clients must be seen. With these devices, advertising is not visible.
How many wayst to display ads you offer?
Multiple ways to display ads - iframe, javascript, PHP include
How do I sign up as Publisher?
To get started, just complete and submit the Publishers Program sign-up form. Click Get started today! .
How does decide which ads get displayed?
The system will always display the highest bidders on your site, assuring the maximum revenue possible at any given time. You will see a constant improvement in your earning over time.
Can I place more than one ad on a page?
Yes, we suggest a maximum of 3 ads unite per page.
Can I alter the HTML code?
You should paste the code into your web pages without making any modifications.
Can I cancel my Publisher account?
You can cancel your account anytime simply by removing the HTML Code from your web site, and if you have any earning in your account that is less than $5 you will lose those earning...
What if I have questions?
Should you encounter any problems or have any questions, you can contact us through the contact us link of the page in your member area, contact page or a e-tiket.

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