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Advertising with us

Cost Per Click (CPC)

Pay only for the clicks you receive. Maximized efficiency of your ad budget because you know that every penny was spent towards a probable customer.

Cost Per 1,000 Impression (CPM)

If your goal is branding to a wide audience, CPM is a good cost metric in terms of how many aggregate consumers you may have reached.

Cost Per View (CPV)

Cost per view advertising essentially displays the full page advertisement in a pop under window. Our popunder window will appear when a visitor clicks to anything on a web page where is used the ad code.

Mobile Advertising

One of the key feature of is mobile ads, our technology automatically detects mobile and smart phone browser, and serves mobile ads, which give you premium exposure.

Keyword Targeting

Choose highly relevant keywords; our system automatically matches them and runs your ads based on these keywords.

Geo Targeting

Choose from over 65 countries to give your business a global position. Locate your target audience across any community!

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