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Frequently Asked Questions will assign to you an account manager that will monitor your campaign from the day it begins until the day that it expires. We will do everything in our power to ensure that you are reaching an audience that will respond to your campaign, and we will continuously optimize your campaigns to make optimum usage of your advertising dollars. screens every single site in our network in order to ensure that your campaigns are only run on quality sites. Our premium advertisers can see every click where come from.
Just Register on, as a advertiser and place new order. If you need help, please don't hesitate to contact us.
Your campaign will become active as soon as your account received credit approval. (up to few hours at PayPal) and your account manager will check your campaign. (please be patient, sometimes takes up to 24H)
Absolutely, you can change the parameters of your campaign at any time.
We offer advertisers the ability to monitor the performance of your campaigns in real time. You can see the amount of impressions that were served, the click through rate, the total cost, and much more.
We currently accept payments via PayPal and Skrill on website, please contact us if you want another payment method.
Yes, as long as you're not advertising within the United States. Rules do not allow Gambling sites to be advertised within the US, so you will need to remove the US from your Country Targeting.
You will earn 6% of you refer spending.
the quality of traffic that we send it to you is our highest concern, for that we use a fraud-detection algorithm, to track and evaluate the validity of each click. All impressions and clicks are evaluated by a range of factors, such as bot traffic, proxies, banned IPs, unmatched clicks, rapid clicks, unmatched referrers and many that we are forced to keep confidentially (so we won't help the ones that are trying to cheat). In addition to the online fraud-detection algorithm, our fraud-detection team manually and constantly reviews the clicks logs and purifies clicks that are suspected to be fraudulent, while updating our fraud-detection algorithm accordingly.

Our minimum payout is 5$, paid through, Bank withdrew & cheque (min $100) service. Payment are sent every month starting 1st working day of next month (can take till 7 days).

Yes, You can place ads on any number of pages that do not violate rules, But in the same site approved by staff.
Information about impressions and clicks are updated real-time. Earnings are updated also in real-time but some time can be some delay.
You will earn 6% of you refer Earning.
We run campaigns that are paid by Advertisers on a CPC / CPM basis. Advertising rates vary, so how much you earn will depend on the rates we obtain, as well as quantity and quality of traffic referred by your site. We have eCPM betwin $1.03 and $9.26 and we like to say our payment is the best for gambling advertising.
Please don't hesitate to contact us, and we will be glad to help you!
No, we don't accept this kind of site.